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Job Title:  Director of revenue cycle management
Company/Org:  BillingParadise

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Director of revenue cycle management. EHR support manager at BillingParadise

About Me

I am passionate about what I do and love connecting with professionals across the healthcare continuum. It is important to bounce ideas, shine a light on important issues and have a collaborative approach to work. Whether it is medical billing help or my two cents on healthcare issues, I love conversations!

My Articles

December 20th, 2016Know how you can leverage your practice performance with 6 revenue cycle metrics
Are you one of those busy physicians who pay just a cursory glance at monthly collections? Then you should be prepared to lose revenue every single day like this obgyn practice in southeast Georgia. It is essential for medical practices to track financial performance metrics, as every dollar that...
November 11th, 2016MACRA facts that every clinician should know [Infographic]
MACRA is here and the new program is going to sunset several (un) popular programs such as Meaningful Use and the Value Based Payment Modifier model. Everybody who is anybody is busy discussing about MACRA and its ramifications. But as with any big updates the myths are jostling for space with the...
October 13th, 2016Are harder times coming for CFOs? A data driven answer [Infographic]
“We really do believe much harder times are coming from a reimbursement standpoint”, Daniel Morissette, Stanford Health Care CFO. With value based model, the most unpredictable payment reform, in their list of financial challenges, CFOs point out their threats and decision making...
September 29th, 201610 reasons why medical practices prefer working with medical billing service companies!
1. Training costs can save a healthcare organization over 8% of its operating expenses.
September 29th, 201623 RCM questions you should ask when reviewing a medical billing company
So, you have considered taking on the challenges of finding the best medical billing company for your medical practice. We should all by now know that the healthcare industry’s reimbursement laws aren’t going to stay put and be as they are. The changes they undergo are constant and...
July 19th, 20163 Steps To Be As Successful As University Of Virginia’s Medical Group Practice.
How keeping track of the key performance indicators has given this group practice an edge over its competitors in handling the revenue cycle… The shift to value-based economic systems has de-stabilized many healthcare organization’s economic dispositions. Group practices endured...
June 3rd, 2016How group practices are surviving the value based payment model in 2016!
As the healthcare industry undergoes dramatic transformation, group practices are facing a lot of turbulence to their financial structuring. Moving away from fee-for-service business models to value-based reimbursement setup is a daunting endeavor, but, that’s where the industry is heading...
March 16th, 20166 Simple steps to create secondary claims using eClinicalWorks!
With the help of web analytics , question and answer websites, forums, we came across the most searched queries . And, today we will discuss one of them. We reached out to Sophia Johnson,eClinicalWorks billing specialist at
March 15th, 2016How to submit Medicaid/Medicare secondary claims electronically using eClinicalWorks!
It has never been a cakewalk working with an EHR. You know how tough it can be, if you don’t have an eClinicalWorks expert to help you with billing needs. What do you do when you are not aware of a certain feature or a procedure?
March 15th, 2016Are you ready for the value based payment model?
Healthcare professionals are being forced to move out of their comfort zones. Sweeping changes are being made to change the way healthcare is provided and paid for. 40% of in-network payments are tied to value. And the traditional fee for service model is expected to disappear over the horizon in...
October 6th, 2015The Critical Role Of Hospital CFOs: A Data Driven Answer [Infographic]
September 9th, 2015Status on ICD-10 Implementation [Infographic]

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Dec 27th, 2016  1st  - adamsmith0123  How to track metrics for medical practice?

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