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Codapedia.com is dedicated to collecting, organizing and publishing, the world’s best information about coding and reimbursement for physician services.  Practice administrators, physicians, consultants, coders, health professionals, and dedicated individuals are coming together to build a most comprehensive coding and reimbursement resource.

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In June of 2017, Find A Code, LLC (now innoviHealth Inc.) purchased the assets of Codeapedia™ and re-launched the website in July of 2017.  innoviHealth is now the primary sponsor and administrator of the website and will endeavor to uphold the standards and vision set out by the founders.

Codapedia™ was founded in 2009 in association with Betsy Nicoletti and Greenbranch Publishing.  The Codapedia™ community seeks to create the most comprehensive and collaborative coding and physician reimbursement site.

General FAQS

Content FAQS

General FAQS

What is Codapedia™?

Codapedia™ is a web site that provides freely available information on reimbursement for physician services by providing user-generated content related to billing, coding, collections, and compliance for medical practices.  The easy-to-access content, with links to source documentation and definitive citations, will be free to users.

Codapedia™ taps into a community of knowledgeable coders and experts ("Codapedists") who contribute non-copyrighted information to the searchable database.  Unlike bulletin boards or listservs, the information will remain in perpetuity and is be easily located.

Developed in association with Greenbranch Publishing and Betsy Nicoletti, Codapedia™ serves as a catalog, database, and learning tool about coding and reimbursement for physician services.

Codapedia.com was purchased by Find A Code, LLC (FindACode.com in June of 2017.  The site was refreshed and relaunched in July of 2017.

If you have coding or medical reimbursement expertise and would like to join the community of people editing Codapedia™, sign up here.

Who is the user of Codapedia™?

Codapedia™ is for coders, physicians, administrators, and patient account managers.  It is an invaluable resource to the 900,000 licensed physicians in the country and professionals who work with them.

Codapedia™ is intended for anyone with an interest in reimbursement for physician services.  For medical professionals, it's a platform to share the most up-to-date coding and reimbursement information.  Codapedists and readers will find by visiting the web site daily, it will help them to navigate the complexity of our reimbursement system.

For industry members, it is an opportunity to network among users of goods and services to reach the widest audience possible to fulfill their marketing mission.  For Advertising Information, click here.

Who is responsible for content on Codapedia™?

Codapedia™ is a community-based project supported by the thousands of Codapedists with reimbursement expertise who add content to different parts of this project.  Find-A-Code provides the administrative and customer support functions.

Who owns the content on Codapedia™?

Content on the Codapedia™ site is freely available for reuse under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).  When quoting an Codapedia article please list the author's name, date of publication, and the URL/link on Codapedia.com where the content can be found.  To republish an entire article please contact the article author.  You will need to be a Codapedia member (sign up here) to view an author's contact information (email, etc.)

Who governs activity in Codapedia™?

Codapedia™ and Find-A-Code staff oversee activity on the site.  As our community of Codapedists grows, a hierarchy of volunteer administrators will take over the day-to-day governance and policy setting of the community.

Who can contribute to the content on Codapedia™?

Anyone can register to be a "Codapedist." - A Codapedist may participate in the forums, post articles, resources or links.  Codapedia™ depends on this community of experts who volunteer their time and knowledge to build Codapedia™ into a comprehensive on-line encyclopedia of physician reimbursement and coding.  If you have coding or reimbursement expertise and would like to join as a Codapedist, click here.

Anyone can use the resources: they are all free.  The content, links and resources are donated by other members of the community.  The Founding Panel Members of Codapedia™ encourage you to visit the site often for new information and to tell all your colleagues about the free information on the site.  Encouraging others to visit Codapedia™ is a valuable form of contribution.

Do Codapedists receive payment for their involvement?

No.  Codapedists are volunteers.  Codapedists get involved for many different reasons including passion for their subject, the drive to contribute to an important resource of knowledge and the ability to increase their reputations in their field of expertise.

How is Codapedia™ supported?

Find-A-Code is the primary supporter.  But businesses, associations and groups who wish to provide information about their services and solutions can also help to build the site through traditional web advertising and online videos.  Click here for advertising information.

Codapedia™ needs registered Codapedists, readers and advertisers to succeed.  Tell your friends, colleagues and industry partners about Codapedia™!

Content FAQS

How Reliable is the Content on Codapedia™?

Hundreds of Codapedists read the articles and monitor Codapedia™.  The model, therefore, is that incorrect information will be corrected quickly, and the overall accuracy of Codapedia™ will always be improving.

Thus, if you see information you think is wrong, it is in your power to help correct it.  Contact Codapedia™ with the issue and it will be reviewed by a member and updated.

The content on, or accessible through, Codepedia.com is for informational purposes only.  Codapedia™ is in no way a substitute for professional advice (legal, financial, coding, etc.).Further, Codapedia™ does not recommend or endorse any treatment, institution, consultant, professional, physician, product, procedure or other information that may be mentioned on Codapedia™.  Although we strive to maintain the highest standards of accuracy the information provided on this website is provided AS IS and is for informational and educational purposes only.

Please contact your insurance company, payer, TPA, or the appropriate government agency (CMS, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, etc.) for specific questions and authoritative answers - and then feel free to share them here.  Also please be aware that information changes over time.  An accurate article or forum reply may have become outdated due to changes in the industry and environment.  It is YOUR responsibility to verify any information you read on this website.  Please do your due diligence.

What about Copyrights?

Codapedia welcomes ONLY information for which YOU own the copyright.  NEVER COPY AND PASTE FROM NEWSLETTERS (PRINT OR ELECTRONIC), JOURNAL OR MAGAZINE ARTICLES, BOOKS, ON-LINE SOURCES OR OTHER COPYRIGHTED SOURCES that YOU do not own.  This information is protected by U.S. Copyright law.  If you wish to cite this information, you may post a brief quotation, with the citation.  You may tell the reader where to find the complete article, for example, in the AAPC Coding Edge.  Remember that CPT® codes are copyrighted, as are the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) books.  CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association (AMA).

It is permissible to use a few codes and descriptions in articles, but it is not permissible to post a file with extensive lists or the complete list of CPT® codes or to quote extensively from the CPT Assistant or CPT® [YEAR] Changes: An Insider's View books.  Respect the law and the copyright of all newsletters and books, both those that you receive electronically and on paper.  YOU will be held personally liable for any copyrighted material that is posted on this website.  The DMCA protects website owners who open up their sites for users to post content, but ultimately it is the user's (YOUR) responsibility to ensure that the material you post is either free of copyright or owned by YOU.

We also welcome articles that have been published in other places (print or online) to which YOU retain ownership or maintain copyrights and re-publication rights.  Make sure you still have rights to the articles you publish in other areas before publishing your article here as well.

Please report copyright violations or suspected violations immediately!  If you see an article that appears to be a reproduction of a copyrighted source, let us know right away.


How often are Codapedia™ pages updated?

Given the collaborative, volunteer nature of Codapedia™, there is no schedule for changes and improvements on pages.  As staff has time and access to more information, or as new coding or reimbursement information emerge, new pages will be created and existing pages will be updated.  Eventually, thousands of people will be editing Codapedia™, and the overall accuracy and comprehensiveness of the site will be improving on a daily basis.

Why can't I edit articles anonymously on Codapedia™?

To help minimize inaccuracies and abuse, individuals who want to edit articles must first be approved by the Codapedia community.  Visitors are encouraged to create a Codapedia™ account to take advantage of special web site features (like favorite articles and forum posts, etc.).  Visitors to the Codapedia website will not need to log in and their identities will never be exposed publicly by visiting the website.  For more see the Codapedia™ Privacy Policy.

If you have coding or reimbursement ideas and would like to participate in Codapedia™, sign up to be a Codapedist.

How is Codapedia™ different from other sites on the Internet?

Codapedia™ is a bottom-up collaborative body of work where content is written, edited and constantly re-edited by the Codapedia™ community of Codapedist Editors.  It's not licensed from third parties, and the content is not top-down and static, but rather, constantly changing and growing.  Much of the design and many of the features of Codapedia™ are intended to nurture and support the community of Codapedists, who have highly valuable and specialized information to share.

Codapedia™ content is freely usable under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) license. People are encouraged to discover ways to use this valuable resource.

How can I contact Codapedia™?

For questions not answered here or elsewhere on the site, please contact us.

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