Gina Henderson  a.k.a. ginaveronica

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Work Experience

I have 25 + years in the healthcare/insurance and EDI business. Worked for BCBS for almost 10 years, a supervisor in the billing office for a clinic that 20 providers and I also have worked almost 8 years at a clearinghouse which sends HIPAA compliant files to of all the payers.

My Forum Questions/Replies

Jul 18th, 2012  1st  - ywatkins57I'm new at billing Medicare. I need to know where to find and if I need modifiers for Medicare billing.
Oct 14th, 2011 - rphelps 615  1 Zip+4
Jul 29th, 2011  1st  - harmijo 8 post op followup
Jul 15th, 2011 - DebraS   67 Patient's atty holding our checks.
Jun 24th, 2011 - Shannan 28 Medi Soft
Jun 21st, 2011 - Shannan 28 billng pts instead of insurances

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