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Jul 29th, 2011 - harmijo 8 

post op followup

I have a patient that had her lap surgery elsewhere and came to our outpatient clinic for her wound check cause of serous discharge. i coded the visit with 998.59, should i also be including V58.43 along with a modifier? WHich modifier and is an E/M code appropriate for this visit or is this considered a global?
Surgery followup visits are real complicating for me. Thanks!

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Jul 29th, 2011 - ginaveronica 6 

re: post op followup

if you can tell me what the CPT® code is then i can give you the global period. unless the patient goes back in for something different too the dr all care is considered global. a let me know the procedure code.. :) if i am not makin sense, let me know.....

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Jul 29th, 2011 - jschmutz   323 

re: post op followup

If the patient had her surgery elsewhere then she won't be in a global period for your practice. You would report the E/M with no modifier.

You would code the serous discharge as the primary diagnosis and V45.86 as an additional diagnosis. You would not code V58.43

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