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Aug 1st, 2011 - KJMills 7 

Code Bone Marrow aspiration?

Provider is performing a spinal procedure for decompression of lumbar spine. He documents "A 4mm aggressive bur was used to open the cortical bone over the L3 pedicle. A Jamshidi needle was placed & approx 2 ml of bone marrow aspirate was extracted from each pedicle at L3 under fluoroscopic guid." This was done
at L4 L5 S1. The provider states "Bone Marrow Aspirate x8.

I have coded the bone marrow aspirate in the past from the iliac crest 38220. Provider also states to bill morselized autograft and allograft. Documented:

"interbody spacer was placed under fluoroscopic guidance at L5-S1after packed with autograft allowgraft and BMP.

Provider wantst to bill both 20930 20937. Is this appropriate?


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Aug 1st, 2011 - jschmutz   323 

re: Code Bone Marrow aspiration?

20936 is the only procedure that should be reported for the bone marrow aspirate procedure you described. 20930 can be reported for the allograft and BMP that was used. 20937 is not supported by any of the documentation that you supplied.

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