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Jan 25th, 2011 - koatsj 160 


My general surgeons tend to; when they see a patient in the ER, dictate "admission or History & physical" when in actuality most of these patients are seen in the ER and after seeing my surgeons go directly to surgery for outpatient or same day procedures. How can I bill for these services? They are not admitted, so I can't bill admission codes. Should I be looking at outpt consult codes and office or other outpt visit codes for Medicare pts?

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Jan 28th, 2011 - jschmutz   323 

ER is an outpatient location.

The ER is considered an outpatient location, so if the physician saw the patient in the ER or other outpatient location then you will bill the outpatient codes (9920x, 9924x, 9928x) with a 57 or 25 modifier attached.

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