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Jan 25th, 2011 - katnap 1 

Repair Quadriceps


This is my first time on this site and I can't wait to explore it all.
Is there anyone familiar with this procedure that would verify my code choice for this procedure. I was thinking 27524 & 27385?

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Quadriceps tendon tear, status post right total knee arthroplasty.

PROCEDURE: Repair of quadriceps tendon

Complete avulsion of the quadriceps tendon from the superior pole of the patella with a small amount of bone. Patellar component loose, failed, removed.

There was immediate finding of a complete avulsion of the quadriceps tear and under the subcutaneous tissue, the prosthetic was visualized. The hematoma was evacuated. Soft tissue surrounding the tear both on the patellar side and the quadriceps side was d'brided exposing fresh bone on the patella sized and fresh tendon on the quadriceps side. The patellar component was evaluated thoroughly and was noted to be loose and removed with all its cement. Then three drill holes were placed in the patella and using a Bunnell type suture, #5 Ethibond was placed through the distal quadriceps tendon, two(________) sutures were utilized. These were then placed through the drill holes using a suture passer. The quadriceps tendon was tensioned. Tension was appropriate, with adequate contact against the superior pole of the patella. These were then tied. Repair appeared to be rigid. Retinaculum was torn on both the medial and lateral sides and was repaired with #1 Vicryl. Then the tourniquet was deflated. Hemostasis was achieved. The subcutaneous layer was closed with 0 and 2-0 Vicryl. The skin was closed with skin staples.

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Jan 28th, 2011 - jschmutz   323 

TKA revision with quadriceps repair.

27486 Revision of total knee arthroplasty, with or without allograft; 1 component

27385-51 Suture of quadriceps or hamstring muscle rupture; primary

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