Betsy Santana  a.k.a. bets14687

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Job Title:  Pharmacy Chargemaster Analyst
Company/Org:  Baystate Health Systems



Work Experience

Earned medical coding certification through Practice Management Institute with 5 years of surgical coding experience and 10 years in Pharmacy. Have held several management level positions in both the social service and medical/hospital industries.

About Me

Family and spirituality so very important and constantly learning from Jehovah as well as my husband, son, daughter-in-law and grandsons. Have traveled to Israel, Egypt and Greece to learn how all these places\' history is very connected to the bible. Have lots of friends who are very close and dear and look forward to continuing to build on these and many more.

My Interests

Absolutely love my quiet time when I get it; no idea what boredom is! Love to read. Enjoy spending time volunteering to educate on the bible. Can\'t get enough of the beach and am fortunate enough to have a little place right by the beach to enjoy every month the weather allows.

My Forum Questions/Replies

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