Andie Matessino  a.k.a. AMat

Member since:December 31st, 2018
Badges:     2 
Job Title:  Coding Manager
Company/Org:  CareMount Medical, P.C.



Work Experience

18 years in the medical field. Coding abstraction for multi-specialty group consisting of over 500 providers and over 40 specialties. Managing a team of surgical specialty coders and a team of HCC certified coders. Provider education. Specialty Audits. Manage front end edits, prospective reviews and retrospective reviews.

My Forum Questions/Replies

Jun 10th, 2019 - AMat    2 51701
Apr 2nd, 2019 - AMat    2 43249 with 43236
Mar 19th, 2019 - anitacnurse practitioner/hospital charges
Mar 14th, 2019  1st  - AMat    2 Gi

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