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Mar 10th, 2021 - btalley

biopsy of a perianal lesion/malignancy.

Does anyone know the CPT code for biopsy of a perianal due to lesion/malignancy?  I did some research and could only find that an unlisted procedure code of 46922 should be used, but it does not give me a CPT code to compare it to.  I was thinking maybe it could be compared to CPT code 46922. Thanks

Mar 23rd, 2021 - ChrisW   256  1 

re: biopsy of a perianal lesion/malignancy.

46922 is the destruction of a lesion, was the procedure a biopsy of a lesion or destruction of a lesion, these are two distinct procedures.
·         46922 - surgical excision- a simple surgical excision.
If the procedure was indeed a destruction there are other options as well.
·         46900 - chemical -performed with silver nitrate or other chemical compound.
·         46910 - ectrodesiccation - using a monopolar high-frequency electric current.
·         46916 - cryosurgery -performed using liquid nitrogen.
·         46917 - laser surgery - a simple laser ablation, using a non-contact Nd-YAG laser or a contact laser probe with coaxial water to vaporize the lesion.
If the procedure was a biopsy, I have attached an article that may help, you may need to consider choosing the type of biopsy done according to the article in the 10000 series “Biopsy Procedures on the Skin”.
If you are considering the other option using the unlisted code 46999 with supporting documentation. 
Consider the complete procedure that was done as the CCS Clinical classification assigned to  46999 may not apply which is 96 “Other OR lower GI therapeutic procedures”.  

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