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Aug 21st, 2018 - Jstew

Hiv - 2

Could someone please explain the proper coding for a patient with HIV - 2 who is asymptomatic and also a patient with HIV - 2 and symptomatic? I'm confused about the correct use of B9735.

If a patient is asymptomatic this code wouldn't apply, so what code is used for asymptomatic HIV - 2?

If a patient is symptomatic is B9735 coded first then the disease? (The note states that codes B95-B97 are secondary codes).

Thank you!

Oct 30th, 2018 - DWare 3 

re: HIV - 2

Use B20- Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease, when the patient is symptomatic. You would need to code all manifestations of the HIV infection as a secondary code. Once a patient has developed an HIV-related illness, the patient should always be assigned B20 on every visit thereafter.

Report a status code Z21 if the patient is HIV Postive but asymptomatic, do not use this code if the patient has ever had any HIV-related illness, DO NOT use this code if the term AIDS is used. Report Z21 after the reason for the encounter, not as a principal or first-listed diagnosis.,

Z21 Asymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] infection status, HIV positive NOS.

B97.35 - Human immunodeficiency virus, type 2 [HIV 2] as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere, B97.35 is used to supplement the infectious agent and to be used in addition to the identifying the infection.

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