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Oct 26th, 2017 - ssingh17

Coding for CKD stage and Kidney transplant

Hi guys,
I have a query for a patient who has gone through kidney transplant. In PMH and Problem list patient has HTN, DM and ESRD for which he has gone through kidney transplant . So in assessment it is not mentioned that patient has ESRD. How will we code the Dx. Do we need to code kidney transplant status with HTN, DM and ESRD combination code or only kidney transplant.

Sarita Singh

Oct 30th, 2017 - shoppe 1 

Kidney Transplant

I used to work at a Dialysis Unit. And am now a Coder for a Hospital. I would use the Code for Kidney Transplant Status and HTN and DM. The patient most likely still has the DM and HTN. But no longer is considered ESRD.

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