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Mar 15th, 2021 - GregoryH

chiropractic body region question

When billing for the ribs, is the entire rib cage considered one area or are the posterior and anterior ribs separate regions?  For instance if the doctor does a spinal manipulation to the thoracic spine and then does manual therapy to the posterior thoracic ribs can both be billed? 

Mar 23rd, 2021 - ChrisW   256  1 

re: chiropractic body region question

There have been some disputations between payers and to what constitutes a "region". The CPT definition is what should be followed UNLESS a payer says something different:
Cervical (includes atlanto-occipital joint)Thoracic (includes costovertebral and costotransverse joints) Lumbar Sacral (includes sacrococcygeal) Pelvic (sacroiliac joint
It sounds like the area is thoracic, most payers figure that anything touching each other is considered the same region. If you still have questions, I would suggest consulting the payer to be sure.

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