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Aug 17th, 2018 - damills    3 

MDM credit in Table B

When a provider is ordering/reviewing an XR and independently visualizing and interpreting the same XR does the provider get 2 points or 3 points on table B (they are not separately billing for the XRay)?

Oct 30th, 2018 - DWare 3 

re: MDM credit in Table B

You only get ONE point for ordering OR reviewing results of X-rays (NOT one point for ordering AND one point for reviewing results. Remember if there is a review of old records, they should be counted and documented.

Here are the Data Points:
1- Review or order clinical lab tests
1- Review or order radiology test (except heart catheterization or echo)
1- Review or order medicine test (PFTs, EKG, cardiac echo or catheterization)
1- Discuss test with performing physician
2- Independent review of image, tracing, or specimen
1- Decision to obtain old records
2- Review and summation of old records

May 17th, 2019 - damills    3 

Data Points

Thanks for responding. So I do understand you receive only 1 point for ordering &/or reviewing. My question was do you get 1 point for ordering &/or reviewing, and then an additional 2 points for independent review of image, tracing, or specimen?

E.G. He has reviewed the x-ray report from the radiologist. = 1 point
He then takes the tracing and performs an independent visualization of his own, documenting his findings. = addtl 2 points?


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