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Jan 10th, 2022 - Endocenter 4 

Bowel wall thickening

Does anyone know what ICD-10 would be used for this diagnosis?  I have looked, but can't find it anywhere.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Terri

Jan 11th, 2022 - ChrisW   256  1 


Bowel wall thickening may be caused by neoplastic, inflammatory, infectious, or ischemic conditions. Look for other documentation for a more specific condition. The findings should be coded first if there is anything else documented.  If nothing else was documented or additional testing needs to be performed, you could use an unspecified code, stating there is currently no known condition such as K63.89 - Other specified diseases of intestine. 

Jan 17th, 2022 - Endocenter 4 


Thank you so much for your reply.  I will double check the dictation and if nothing, will go with the code you mentioned.  I appreciate your help.

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