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Nov 12th, 2020 - ShawnV

Does National CPT Tracking exist?

My Neuro doc requested some info for a project he's working on. I'm hoping for SME direction. I'm trying to track down the overall national annual usage of a CPT code. Specifically 63047, I've tried to go through the AMA, CMS, AANS, and even called on local hospitals financial offices and insurance providers. I have a bunch of contacts by name, phone, and email but none could provide any definitive answer or direction. Would anyone have any idea's? I sure would appreciate it.

Nov 19th, 2020 - ChrisW   256  1 

re: Does National CPT Tracking exist?

I am not aware and I have asked around, hopefully, someone on this forum will have additional insight. The only usage I am aware of being tracked is via CMS. They use PSPS data submitted by providers and clinics. Find-A-Code actually has this information in the fees section, for example in 2017, there were 165,167 procedures paid, and 19,120 were denied so overall 184.287 procedures reported and billed by medicare providers in 2017 using 63047. In addition, has UCR pricing that takes national charges by CPT code but not necessarily the number of services reported, you may be able to contact the VA for that information. The VA uses CMS, Fairhealth and other commercial payers, It still does not get your exact number, hopefully someone in the FORUM will have additional information.

Here is the URL for the TOPIC page in Find-a-code explaining where the VA gets their information.

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