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Oct 16th, 2017 - rdinaso    12  1 

E/M on the same day AFTER a 0 day global procedure

I need some help. I code for neurointerventionalists who perform many diagnostic procedures that are 0 day global, like angiography of the carotid arteries. Sometimes they will do an intracranial thrombectomy which is still a 0 day global. They continue to charge for an E/M visit done later that same day for the same patient. I have been changing the E/M code to a postop code, 99024 because to me, even though it's a zero day global, if they saw the patient after the procedure performed on the same day I feel it's bundled with that procedure. I tell them if you see the patient the following day on a 0 day global patient, that can be charged, but they are adamant that I release the E/M's with the levels they have chosen, on the same day as the 0 day global. Can somebody let me know if I am incorrect and they should be charging these or is an E/M on the same day as a 0 day global AFTER the procedure bundles? Thanks!


Oct 20th, 2017 - ChrisW   256  1 

re: E/M on the same day AFTER a 0 day global procedure

Unless special circumstances exist, a visit on the same day as surgery is not payable. Immediate postoperative care is included . Here is an article that may help

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