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Jun 27th, 2018 - sschwartz 4 

Rewording prior question on CPT 93000

I know what each of CPT's 93000, 93005, and 93010 mean and when they are to be used. My confusion is the "doctor owned machine" specification under CPT 93000. What exactly does that mean? . It’s not specific if it really means “clinic” or actual “individual doctor”, and if our being owned by a hospital makes our machine not actually ours, but owned by the hospital (as someone told me). I am not sure now if I can bill for EKG's done at our clinic location; whether both the tracing and reading are done (93000) or just the tracing (93005). Can anyone answer this?

Jul 9th, 2018 - MargeM   11 

re: Rewording prior question on CPT 93000

If the doctor is a paid employee of the clinic and the clinic owns the equipment then you can bill 9300 for tracing and reading or 93005 for tracing only.

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