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Apr 21st, 2020 - keith

Cigna R24 Omnibus Reimbursement Policy - EXCEEDS LIMIT

Cigna updated their policy for A4556 which only allows 48 pairs of electrodes per calendar year? If it is medically necessary to bill for more units, how can I get these denials reversed and paid? Please help.

Apr 22nd, 2020 - ChrisW   256  1 

re: Cigna R24 Omnibus Reimbursement Policy - EXCEEDS LIMIT

Here is a link to the URL for the policy change with Cigna "Omnibus Reimbursement Policy "
I would suggest contacting your provider representative to verify dates and appeals for coverage.

This is on Cignas web site;

"Before beginning the appeals process, please call Cigna Customer Service at 1(800) 88Cigna (882-4462) to try to resolve the issue. Many issues, including denials related to timely filing, incomplete claim submissions, and contract and fee schedule disputes may be quickly resolved through a real-time adjustment by providing requested or additional information."

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