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Mar 13th, 2020 - abbyakinleye 10 

Hospital Discharge Code 99239

Can two different specialties same group bill 99239 the same day?
Thank you.

Mar 16th, 2020 - ChrisW   256  1 

re: Hospital Discharge Code 99239

Only one hospital discharge day management service is payable per patient per hospital stay and Only the attending physician of record reports the discharge day. For any physician not acting on behalf of the attending physician, use Subsequent Hospital Care (CPT code range 99231 - 99233) for a final service. Please see below the reference from CMS.

Medicare Claims Processing Manual- B. Hospital Discharge Day Management Service

Apr 15th, 2020 - abbyakinleye 10 

re:Hospital Discharge Code 99239

Thank you!

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