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Feb 20th, 2018 - alleegator13

ABN protocol

We just uploaded the latest ABN form from the CMS website. The new forms no longer have the field for the Last Visit information. I called Medicare and they said it was no longer necessary, except for certain CPT's where its required. (I.E. Diabetic Foot care). So i asked them where we were supposed to put the information since the field was no longer there. They didnt say where, only that the Date of service needed to be listed.

Anyone know if we need to put the last DOS where the additional information goes, or where to put the information we need?

ABN is online at

Feb 28th, 2018 - MargeM   11 

re: ABN protocol

According to the ABN form Instructions I would put it in the area H. Additional Information

From the ABN Information PDF: Blank (H) Additional Information: Notifiers may use this space to provide additional clarification that they believe will be of use to beneficiaries. For example, notifiers may use this space to include:
A statement advising the beneficiary to notify his or her provider about certain tests that were ordered, but not received;
Information on other insurance coverage for beneficiaries, such as a Medigap policy, if applicable;
An additional dated witness signature; or Other necessary annotations.
Annotations will be assumed to have been made on the same date as that appearing in Blank J, accompanying the signature. If annotations are made on different dates, those dates should be part of the annotations.

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