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Jul 31st, 2015 - MCONGRAM

Smoking cessation code

I have been denied on the office visits when I have been submitting the smoking cessation code 99406. Should I be using a special modifier on the code? Has this happened to any one else I am in FL. Thank you!

Jul 31st, 2015 - Kat31477 56 


You have been denied for the E&M service, or the smoking cessation code? Make sure you are using the correct diagnosis code for smoking cessation, if memory serves only 2 diagnosis codes are payable for this service. Some insurance plans do not reimburse for smoking cessation counseling and deny it as patient responsibility - this is plan specific and usually specific to whether the employer sponsored plan considers this a benefit or not.

Jul 31st, 2015 -


Yes I have been denied on the E/M. I have used the DX cose 305.1. they pay the smoking code but not the O.V., Didn't know if I should use a modifier on the code. Thanks for the input.

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