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Jul 9th, 2015 - wdkoons1

billing for mechanical traction and intersegmental traction

I work with a nurse that has been in practice for many years to review medical bills with me. She is very persistant that intersegmental traction is to be recoded from 97012 to 97124. I have questioned it, but listened to her for a while until this morning I did my own research to find that on a site they state the following:

Intersegmental Traction
This therapy is described as “not medically necessary” by BCBS-IL and Aetna in their medical policies. This modality is commonly used in physical therapy and chiropractic clinics to stretch spinal joints, increase mobility and elasticity of the spine. Other forms of mechanical traction are covered by the carriers. The CPT® code 97012 – mechanical traction, is used to bill all types of mechanical traction – including, but not limited to intersegmental traction. Your records should clearly state the type, duration and other settings for any traction services provided.

I'm assuming the above is true, but wanted to have verified. Please help.

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