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Oct 21st, 2015 - Loni10 2 

ICD10-Z08 and Z09 in Dermatology

If a patient has a Mohs surgery or a removal of malignant lesions and comes back in a few days later for a wound check, should they code the Z08 with the Z85.828 each time they come in for a check up on that wound site? And once they begin coming in for something other than a followup on that site, do we still code A Z08 follow up code?

Can the Z08 and Z09 codes be coded with an office visit within the global period when the office visit pertains to something entirely different?

Should the Z08 and Z85.828 be used at each encounter after the malignant neoplasm is used even if the neoplasm does not return to that site?

Can my docs use Z08 and Z09 if the new patient was previously seen at a another derm office and underwent a mohs or malignant lesion removal by someone else but wants the site checked out or do the codes only apply to the current doctor completing the treatment?

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