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Oct 16th, 2014 - lmariesmith 2 

pulling quality from History to determine LOS

A question came up at a recent meeting as to whether it is feasible to use the History towards Quality when determining Level of Service.

"63 y/o seen in follow up of diabetes"

Type 2 diabetes 40 y/o

Can you use the "type 2 diabetes" in the history toward quality of the DM? Is there a reference to this if so or if not?

Oct 16th, 2014 - jvosfernea 66 

re: pulling quality from History to determine LOS

based on the AACAP template that came out in Jan2012, I'm guessing that just making that statement (about when Diabetes was Dx or how long the Pt has been dealing with it) is not worth the 'points' listed in the MDM section - that, instead, a more thorough Hx is required to validate toward reviewing or obtaining a Hx (re: Diabetes course).

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