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Dec 16th, 2016 - coder1987 1 

L4/5 laminectomy

Can someone please clarify if this would be coded as 63047 or should this be coded as 63047, 63048? The OP note states that he did a laminectomy of the inferior L4 and superior L5, facetectomy and foraminotomy and once all 4 nerves were decompressed the incision was closed. I have always coded this as 63047 because I was told this is a motion segment and not considered as 2 segments even though the code description reads per segment. Any help would be appreciated

Dec 21st, 2016 - LBAROGIANIS 250 

re: L4/5 laminectomy

63047 is all you need. One level.

Dec 22nd, 2016 - sandeep.katta 3 

re: L4/5 laminectomy

This would be considered as one segment and we can go with 63047

Dec 22nd, 2016 - coder1987 1 

re: L4/5 laminectomy

Thank you.

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