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Sep 16th, 2014 - tlcook1021 1 

Needing correct ICD-9 codes

When a pt. is diagnosed with acute on chronic gastritis, what is the correct ICD-9 code(s) to use.

The pt came in due to acute exacerbation of her chronic gastritis, with abdominal pain, N&V and a burning sensation in her upper abdomen.

there is no report of hemorrhage.

The final dx is - acute on chronic gastritis.

I know 535.00 codes to acute gastritis w/o hemorrhage and 535.10 codes to chronic (atrophic) gastritis w/o hemorrhage.

So would both codes be used to support the acute on chronic gastritis?


Sep 16th, 2014 -

re: Needing correct ICD-9 codes

for atrophic gastritis the patient has to have inflamation of the stomach w/the mucous membranes being atrophic, (atrophic being the key word here to code for the 535.10.) If the provider did not state that in his notes I would only code for the acute gastritis.

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