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Aug 24th, 2016 - ladyt 10 

question for editor Auditing

I've not gotten an answer to other auditing questions so I'd like a response from the editor please. Regarding MDM: how do we credit the provider's with making necessary referrals to specialists?

Also - I have been told that the CMS requires office notes be signed within 24hrs. I can't find that in the guidelines - can you point me to a link or give me chapter info in the CMS manual please? We do have an internal policy but I'd like to have the supporting guideline(s)

Is it possible to get a direct response to my email? I'm not on this site very often and I don't like getting all the Q&A on the blog.
If there is an experienced auditor that can answer my question, please chime in too. Use email please. Thank you very much.

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