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Oct 20th, 2015 - KathyLyman4659 2 

Dermatology ICD-10 coding question

What is the correct code for an Actinic Keratosis that has to be frozen off, and we used to bill it at 17000 and 17003?

Oct 21st, 2015 - rphelps 615  1 

re: Dermatology ICD-10 coding question

These codes did not change if you are in an outpatient setting. Only your diagnosis code would change to ICD 10.

Oct 24th, 2015 - KathyLyman4659 2 

re: Dermatology ICD-10 coding question

Thank you, I meant the ICD-10 code, not the CPT® code. We used to use 702.0 for Actinic Keratosis in ICD-9. But I was able to get my answer from another coding site---if anyone else is interested, it is L57.0 And do NOT use an additional code.

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