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Dec 31st, 2014 - turanga

California 2014 workers compensation 99245

If anyone could shed some light on CPT® 99245 as my WC bill review suggests it has been replaced, by???? Thanks and a happy New Year to you and yours!!!!

Dec 31st, 2014 -

re: California 2014 workers compensation 99245

99245 is a valid CPT® code in the 2014 edition I have on my desk. They may be going by MCR guidelines that state they do not reconize the consult codes in the CPT® book and will not be valid if submitted for payment. I do know that other insurance companys are still paying on this code which should include workers comp, unless they have chosen to follow the MCR guidelines. California's guidelines may differ than the East Coast....

Dec 31st, 2014 - Jsmith201400 25 

re: California 2014 workers compensation 99245

The United States Dept. of Labor has not accepted consult codes since 2010. All WC for all states are under the USDOL umbrella.

Dec 31st, 2014 - Jatin 3 

re: California 2014 workers compensation 99245


CPT® for 99245 has been replaced by CPT® 99205 by Medicare.

Hope this helps.


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