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Sep 15th, 2016 - MissDecember 5 

Attestation: Teaching PHysician/Fellow

Teaching physician and fellow saw patient for initial hospital care and at the same time performed EGD and Colonoscopy. I understand a modifier GC needs to be submitted which certifies that the teaching physician was present during the key portion of the service and immediately available during the other parts of the service. Attestation needs to be documented as well. The EGD would fall under the Endoscopy procedure guideline which indicates TP or Resident should document "TP was present during the entire viewing". Is the Colonoscopy considered a Minor procedure or a single surgery? Please advise as Minor procedure guidelines states "presence of TP must be documented but not necessarily by TP". Single Surgery guidelines state - Presence of TP must be documented but not necessarily by TP". I'm trying to determine the appropriate attestation for documentation. In one of the cases I reviewed it only states: "performed by Doctor XXX (teaching physician) with assistance of Doctor XXX (fellow). I don't think this is appropriate, please advise.

Sep 15th, 2016 - MissDecember 5 

re: Attestation: Teaching PHysician/Fellow

Disregard. I re-read what I wrote and found the answer. Thank you.

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