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Oct 22nd, 2015 - bspainhour 1 

Spray and Stretch

What is the CPT® code for spray and stretch?

Oct 22nd, 2015 -

re: Spray and Stretch

There is nothing in the CPT® book index for Spray and stretch. Do you have a better definition for what the provider did?

Oct 22nd, 2015 - bspainhour 1 

re: Spray and Stretch

She sprayed a piraformis trigger point and stretched it to relieve the pain.

Thanks for your help.

Oct 22nd, 2015 - jvosfernea 66 

re: Spray and Stretch

Spray&Stretch is one modality typically used during a Physical or Occupational Therapy session - it would be used as a 'setup' or 'prep' activity to whatever other modality or activity is scheduled as the primary reason for the session - like 'exercises' (learning/using an IHEP), preparatory to KinesioTaping, engaging in some sort of ADL activity, etc.
I can't envision a time or session where it would be the ONLY thing of which a session was comprised?? So I believe it would be more appropr to be billing for that other activity/time and not the "Spray&Stretch", per se.

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