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Sep 23rd, 2015 - JBTOOLEY0723 3 

Vascular: LE arterial and venous studies

This is our first week performing LE vascular studies in the office.

My physician told me to bill for the following tests and he did not list any codes for these tests. I am uncertain of the codes I selected. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

1) Bilateral LE DVT study - 93922 and 93965...I am completely uncertain of these codes...

2) Bilateral LE venous reflux study (supine) - 93970

3) Bilateral LE arterial duplex study - 93925

I am not sure of the difference in the DVT study and the venous reflux? Would I use 93922 and 93965 for the DVT study since it involves both arteries and veins and then use 93970 for the venous reflux?

Is 93925 the correct code for the arterial duplex?

Thank you in advance,


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