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Nov 26th, 2015 - Victoria001 1 


Code 15830 with 15847?
I can't see the difference between these two codes, and why wouldn't I just use 15830. Thanks!

Nov 26th, 2015 - Jackfraust 69 

re: Abdominoplasty

The physician removes excessive skin and subcutaneous tissue (including lipectomy). In 15830, the physician makes an incision traversing the abdomen below the belly button in a horizontal fashion. Excessive skin and subcutaneous tissue are elevated off the abdominal wall and excess tissue and fat are excised. The flaps are brought together and sutured in at least three layers. The physician may also suture the rectus abdominis muscles together in the midline to reinforce the area. Report 15832 for removal of excess skin and subcutaneous tissue on the thigh; 15833 for the leg; 15834 for the hip; 15835 for the buttock; 15836 for the arm; 15837 for the forearm or hand; 15838 for the submental fat pad (inferior to the chin); and 15839 for any other area.

The physician excises excess skin, usually the result of significant weight loss in the patient, while preserving the position of the umbilicus. A wide transverse incision is made in the lower abdomen. The physician dissects fat and skin free from underlying muscle and fascia from the site of the incision to the ribs. The umbilicus is dissected free from the skin, but remains attached by a stalk to the abdomen. The physician uses sutures or staples to plicate and tighten the rectus sheath. The dissected skin is stretched back over the abdomen and excess skin and fat are excised. An incision is made in the skin to accommodate the umbilicus, which is sutured in place. The skin is closed in layers and a temporary drain may be placed.

The difference between these two codes would be depth- the first code is relating to skin and subcutaneous tissue and the second code is only relating to fat and skin. You will need to determine the depth the Physician excised.

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