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Dec 3rd, 2015 - vascular101 3 

ICD -10 coding

The patient had a old DVT which has since resolved 6 months ago. The doctor was called back in to do a consult on the patient again because the patient had leg pain. The patient was negative for DVT. What ICD-10 code would I use chronic DVT or HX of DVT or just code the symptoms (I.E leg pain)
Thank You for your help.

Dec 3rd, 2015 - Jackfraust 69 

re: ICD -10 coding

use a Hx code if there is no evidence of DVT

Dec 8th, 2015 - bjones2301 21 

re: ICD -10 coding

I would be very careful using the Hx codes even in the second, third and fourth DX pointer. I have been receiving denials from Oregon BCBS and Oregon Medicaid. Had one today. I have called regarding the reason for these denials and have been told these the z codes for personal hx are information only. I have read the chapter notes and they state they are billable and reimbursable. This is just what I am finding in our OB GYN practice. The V Codes that were HX codes in ICD9 were billed with no problems or denials. Now that the Z codes in ICD10 replaced those v codes, rules have changed.

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