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Mar 20th, 2015 - stuffing 1 

three in one tetanus vaccine

how do you bill Tdap and get paid for both administration and procedure

Mar 20th, 2015 - EMMA2418 3 

re: three in one tetanus vaccine

If you are asking about the TDaP, we use procedure 90715 with dx code V06.1
and procedure 90471 with the same dx FYI....Medicare will NOT cover this charge unless it is given for a wound, then you would change the dx to reflect the wound...Hope this helps

Mar 20th, 2015 - TerryC 39 

re: three in one tetanus vaccine

If it happens a younger patient "through" the age of 18. You would use the 90460 for the first componet of the shot then 90461 for each additional component. eg: The Tdap,,there are three components so you would use 90460,90461,90461.

Mar 24th, 2015 - bjones2301 21 

re: three in one tetanus vaccine

Tdap 90715 and the admin code is 90471.

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