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Jun 21st, 2016 - bjones2301 21 

Code for Pregnancy Test

Our OB/GYN requires a pregnancy test be done prior to an IUD being placed. For this pregnancy test 81025 we attach the ICD10 Z01.812 (pre procedure laboratory examination. We are being rejected by Oregon Medicaid. This is a code we have used in the past with no problems. Does anyone have a better code for this pairing?

Jun 22nd, 2016 - lmoncree 14 

re: Code for Pregnancy Test

Hi, I would use 81025 and code the pregnancy result: example: Z32.02 - negative pregnancy test. I hope this is helpful! :-)

Jun 24th, 2016 - rphelps 615  1 

re: Code for Pregnancy Test

I also use 81025 and Z32.02

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