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Feb 10th, 2016 - alpjeffrey 14 

Complication of delivery code

I work for a urology group and we recently had a patient who had a complication during the forceps delivery which resulted in post partum urinary retention. I have submitted the R33.9 and it was denied because her insurance is maternity/post partum only. I also submitted O90.9 with the R33.9 code and it was denied as well. Does anyone know of an appropriate ICD10 to use? I haven't coded L&D codes since school.

Feb 11th, 2016 - afgbilling 59 

re: Complication of delivery code

I think the problem is that her insurance coverage is for maternity/post partum only and they're seeing the retention of urine code and automatically kicking it out. I believe you are going to have to appeal this and explain in great detail that this was a result of the delivery. Just because an insurance company denies a claim doesn't mean that's the final answer.

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