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Jul 8th, 2015 - Tamallet

Anesthesia situation

I know of a situation at a very small Hospital that has an outreach Doctor that comes once a month to do EGD's and Colonoscopies. The Doctor brings his own Anesthesiologist as the facility does not have one on staff. The said hospital is not equipped to do anything past Moderate Sedation , which is what is done during these scopes. They have approached me as they are not getting anesthesia paid for. They are trying to bill for General anesthesia, no modifiers for the anesthesia as far as that goes, such as QX,QZ what ever would be the case. No physical status modifiers or so on. I would like to make sure I am correct as to my advise. They can not bill for General sedation if that is not being done. Moderate sedation cost should be built in to Scope price as in most scopes MS is not billable separately.
Thank you in advance for any light you can shine my way :)


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