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Sep 23rd, 2015 - TerryC 39 

DX code help

Using ICD-10 how would you code a followup visit to make sure the pt ear is all clear after an ear infection? Thanks

Sep 24th, 2015 - afgbilling 59 

re: DX code help

There are several free online conversion sites:, United Healthcare has an ICD10 Lookup Tool and so does the AAPC. What ICD 9 code would you have used? Simply go to one of these sites and put the ICD 9 code and it will convert it to the ICD 10 code. Now, with that being said, there may not be just one code that it converts to, there may be several but this gives you a starting point and along with your ICD 10 book, you can narrow it down. I have had the task of getting our office ready, so I have been converting our codes over to ICD 10. Some are pretty cut and dry, but others, not so much. Hope this helps!

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