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Mar 3rd, 2014 - TerryC 39 

copay during global visit

I know when a patient is coming in for a “global period visit” you cannot charge an
office visit. How about a copay? We do not charge a copay to the patient for these visits.
However a co-worker that works also, elsewhere says they charge the patient a copay for
all visits to the doctor whether or not a “global visit” Thanks

Mar 4th, 2014 - yml3768 31 

re: copay during global visit

We don't charge co-pays in the global period as there would be nothing to post the co-pay to. We don't send post-op visits to insurances. If the patient is coming in for an unrelated problem, then you can charge a co-pay as the visit is unrelated to the surgery.

Mar 5th, 2014 - Codapedia Editor 1,399 

re: copay during global visit

I agree. No co-pay for visits in the global period.

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