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Jan 25th, 2016 - Sha12 62 


Doc removed 4 lesions for biopsies.. RT & LT temple & UPPER & LOWER neck. Do I have to code them separately like : 11100, 11101, 11101, 11101? Or do I have to do 11100 & 11101x3? Please help. Thanks!

Jan 27th, 2016 - anuraggreets 4 

re: biopsies

During certain surgical procedures in the integumentary system, such as excision , destruction , or shave removals the removed tissue is often submitted for pathological examination and the obtaining of tissue during these procedure is a routine component of such procedure.

However if the biopsy was done independently or distinct from other procedure such biopsies are not considered as component of the other procedure and can be reported.

The report is needed to be mentioned in detail if excision of lesion was performed for the 4 lesions - RT & LT temple & UPPER & LOWER neck and if was sent for pathology test.If so ...the biopsy will be inclusive to excision of lesion codes.

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