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Jul 9th, 2015 - mw0234

Observation code 99219

If a patient has Medicare and a surgeon admits a patient to observation on one day and then does an EGD on next day and then discharges the patient, usually a code like 99219 could be used for the first day.

My question is if that patient was seen at a different facility two days prior to the observation admit and then was seen at a 2nd different facility the night before in ER, how would the current visit be coded from the surgeon's standpoint? I had coded the 99219 for the first observation day in the hospital, but it has been denied because that code has already been used by a different physician within 2 days of this recent observation admission.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jul 9th, 2015 - petunia 195 

re: Observation code 99219

There should not be an issue with your billing since each facility has their own billing ID. If there was conflict I would suggest submitting both your notes and the other facility notes which you would get by request. You shouldn't have problems since it was days before and different provider numbers. :-)

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