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Sep 22nd, 2015 - cmgmr 4 

CPT® 99080 clarification

Does anyone have updated information regarding the use of CPT® 99080 to submit additional diagnoses? I know that using this code enables a provider to submit additional claim lines with a zero charge in order to accommodate the need to send additional diagnosis codes.

If a patient is seen in the office for let's say, HTN & DM follow-up, but has multiple medical problems which are not addressed at this visit. Is it appropriate to submit the E&M code using these 2 diagnosis and then on a separate line list the additional diagnosis codes using 99080? (for reporting purpose only)

There is a little confusion in our setting. Out Biller is stating that we can only use the 99080 if there are OVER 12 diagnosis codes.

I am under the impression that this code can be used in the following manner : Patient has a total of 6 medical conditions/diagnosis and is seen for 99214 using 4 of the diagnosis, the remaining two would be sent on separate line using 99080 for reporting purpose only as they were not addressed at the office visit.

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