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Aug 20th, 2015 - JPoland8

Codapedia response time

So far this site is not user friendly. I have tried two - three times but am now pretty sure I will cancel membership. We ask questions to get answers, not wait forever for them. Doesn't help much in trying to get assignments done.

Aug 20th, 2015 - petunia 195 

re: Codapedia response time

As long as I have been following this site I have only seen responses from other coders or billers who might know the answer. I have only seen 1 codapedia expert respond to 1 question. The reason you are not getting a answer is because maybe no one has come across your scenario or the right person has not read your question yet. If you want a sure response to a question I have only found the paid sites that do that in a timely fashion. I have used Supercoder ask an expert and they always have someone respond. The questions I have asked on here have not been responded to either, but I did get a response from the paid sites and then shared that response on here. Also if you are a Member of AAPC you can ask a question in their forum and again other coders might answer your question. Hope this helps some.

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Aug 20th, 2015 - jvosfernea 66 

re: Codapedia response time

Hmmm.... I'm finding it interesting, over the past few days, how vocal folks are getting about response time on a totally FREE and volunteer site. While I've not seen the 'editor' weighing in as much of late, I've taken that to mean there was nothing to correct in what was offered by those replying to questions. As for 'assignments', this has always been (in my mind only?) a site to share info, ideas, resources, etc, and NOT a place to get one's homework completed. This is a site even advertised as primarily for coders/billers, . . . not students wanting a 'fix' for their coursework?

I, too, have struggled through when someone did not immediately answer my question (primarily about Bhvr'lHlthcr and MH), as the site seems to draw more folks working in Primary HealthCare. AND, that I've continued to watch and learn from the other answers being posted (sorry for my 'lurking'! :) ). I've still learned a great deal, and find the situations and questions/answers quite illuminating and educational, even when they are not directed to my primary subject area.

If you want to Cx membership, surely do so. I'm sorry your particular question was not responded to within your personal time frame. I do not see the need to slam the site in this manner because one of us did not have the information you sought.

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