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Apr 6th, 2016 - slackcoder 55 

Chronic Care Management

Now that we are a year into the Chronic Care Management services billing I was hoping to get some of your experience with setting up the service in order to bill and how reimbursement is.

I am with a pediatric office that has a provider and nurse who have a special clinic just for complex children. We are looking at these codes to try to capture some of the nurse and physician time spent coordinating care with other entities, therapists, insurance companies and getting drugs pre authorized. These are very complex children many of whom have g-tubes and cannot take medication as normal kids so a whole lot of education needs provided to the insurance company so they can understand why certain DME or drugs are ordered the way they are. This is very time consuming.

So if you can share your experience with CCM billing it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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