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Apr 23rd, 2018 - tswelch


I have a physician that was performing Catract Surgery and was not able to finish because of complications. He will take patient back to surgery to put lens in at a later date. My question is, my physician charged a 66982 for the procedure that he could not complete but he had to do a vitrectomy.
When he goes back to surgery he will code 66984 because he will place a lens at that time.
I was thinking he needed to code a incomplete surgery with the code 66984 and attach a modifier for incomplete. When he goes back to surgery bill 66984 with site modifier.
What are your thoughts?

May 4th, 2018 - henry01 1 

re: Coding

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Jul 18th, 2018 - MarinENTzac 5 

Discontinued procedure

Did you bill the first procedure (66982) with a 53, 73 or 74 modifier? This would indicate that the procedure was discontinued. For the 66984 you would have to bill with a 58 or 78 modifier since the 66982 has a 90 day postop period.

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