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May 9th, 2012 - jschmutz   323 

Occipital Neurectomy during Chiari Decompression

Is a neurectomy of the occipital nerves (64744) separately reportable when performed during a chiari decompression (61343)?

Portion of op-note: A suboccipital craniectomy was performed using the operating microscope and a 2mm kerrison and a diamond drill. The decompression was carried to the full diameter of the foramen magnum. This was to decompress the bottle neck where the tonsils were shown to be closely opposed to the brainstem and possibly contributing to the headaches. Bilateral occipital neurectomies were performed. This was done by dissecting through the tissue between C1 and C2 just above and lateral to the venous plexus. Small portion of each nerve was sent to pathology to confirm neurectomy.

Thanks, Jen

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