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Feb 3rd, 2016 - TerryC 39 

new patient help please

We have a physician that is seeing a patient for the first time from China attending school here. Blue cross ppo. The patient has no problems she only came in to get a Gardasil shot. The doctor spent time with the patient going over problems/history/family history etc. How can this be billed. Since she spent time with everything can she bill as a physical? She basically did a physical, since she is new we don't know if a physical has been done previously. Or should she just bill as a new patient. But how could she code dx's since there were none? Thanks

Feb 10th, 2016 - Codapedia Editor 1,399 

re: new patient help please

There's no code for "meet and greet" and every problem oriented CPT® visit needs a diagnosis of some sort to establish medical necessity.

If your doctor documented an age/gender appropriate history and physical exam, with anticipatory guidance (get vaccines, don't smoke) and risk factor reduction, bill a preventive medicine service.

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