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Jun 12th, 2019 - yml3768 31 

CPT Code for Repositioning of endothelial keratoplasty

Good Afternoon All,

I am looking for a CPT Code for the repositioning of a n endothelial keratoplasty. Patient has an inferior displacement of the endothelial graft.

I have the ICD-10 code: T85.328A, now I just need the CPT Code.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Jul 10th, 2019 - ChrisW   256  1 

re: CPT Code for Repositioning of endothelial keratoplasty

Are you looking for a reinsertion code with conjunctival graft? Without the procedure, I am only guessing, take a look at 65150 and 65155, If the physician did a modification of an ocular implant look at 65125.

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